Some pieces are just outstanding! Here you will find some of those precision turnings which are one-of-a-kind and real show stoppers. Each stunning design will stretch the limits of turning wood as an art and also as a functional object.

Lights Over Venice

Inspired by the Venetian glassblowers, “Lights Over Venice” is a chandelier of cherry and maple designed and crafted to add a distinctive element to one’s special lighting décor.  This chandelier features wooden tubular construction for wiring, precision duplication of each flower-like globe and the laminated saw-cut decorative curls.

Flowing Fascination

“Flowing Fascination,” a magnificent floor model kaleidoscope of cherry with maple trim, fluted column, hand cut wooden gears, 360⁰ horizontal swivel, locking elevation position, interior illumination, and removable oil-filled object cells is an  exquisite piece of furniture in addition to being an object of fine art. The kaleidoscope is easily disassembled for storage or shipment. A wonderful addition for any kaleidoscope enthusiast or collector.

Dream Agates

A stunning desk model kaleidoscope of cherry and contrasting bloodwood trim, “Dream Agates” was created exclusively for the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Convention.  This unique piece, with gears driven by a chain of 108 dream agate beads of rich natural hues, complements the warmth of the finely finished wood.  With interior illumination and removable oil-filled object cells, this model would make a dazzling addition to any office setting.  SOLD