The sanding of small wooden objects can be very difficult and time consuming. Not fun at all. This is especially true if the pieces are of an  irregular shape which is not able to be clamped and if there are multiple sides of many pieces to be done. Holding the piece in one hand and the sander in the other works for a short period of time, but for continual use the sander gets heavy to hold it vibrates your hand until it is  almost numb, you can not see exactly where you are sanding so precision is lost, and bumping the sander into your finger tips enough times  can lead to thin skin or even an open wound.

So, I designed a holder that will support a random orbital sander. With the sander mounted securely, the piece being sanded can be held with both hands, right in front of your face so you can see exactly what is happening. Adding to this, sanding ease is the ability of the holder to be quickly and easily indexed to any of four positions putting the sanding surface upward, downward, left or right. It even makes changing the abrasive easier, allowing you to hold the paper in both hands.

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Sander Holder