Woodturning requires many unique tools with each having a chisel end that is shaped and sharpened for a specific purpose. The chisel ends  have a distinct difference and can be differentiated from each other; however, the most visible part of each tool is the wooden handle, and they often match or look very similar. A turner frequently has to switch back and forth between five or six different tools, and it often takes more  time to find the correct tool than it does to use it. The need for the organization of tools soon becomes quite apparent.

I am sure all  woodturners have seen, or may even have, tool racks mounted on the wall or fitted to the lathe. These racks work well and display tools safely  in an organized manner, but unfortunately, are limited to a single location. Your problems begin if you have more than one lathe and they are  not situated close together. These problems then multiply when you take a workshop or do demonstrations at a remote location. It is then that you realize portability, as well as organization, are absolute necessities.

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Traveling Tool Tote